Special Packages

Discover the magic of Bali with our Balitropic Special Package! Dive into a tropical haven where luxury meets local vibes. Enjoy comfy stays, tasty island-inspired eats, and personalized adventures to uncover Bali's best-kept secrets. Whether you crave beach bliss, nature thrills, or cultural wonders, this package has your dream getaway covered. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali – it's time for a special escape!

Accommodate up to 220 persons and can be divided into 3 smaller rooms with a separate entrance creating an ideal space for committee meetings or small gatherings according to the needs of the event planned. The foyer provides additional room for cocktails, coffee breaks and registration.
From the time of recognition of life's gift of love, the aspiration of being married is a timeless and meaningful desire in one's mind. Thoughts begin with the joys of an intimate wedding with the one in an exclusive and lavish setting at Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, the combination of a traditional and exceptional staff to ensure that your wedding will be memorable for both the setting and its flawless execution.
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